A Visit to the Niagara Falls History Museum

Why visiting history should be in your future

Sometimes we get wrapped up in day to day living. We seem to be busier now than ever before, figuring out how we’re going to fit everything in for the future. Maybe a wonderful solution is to take visit to the past. The Niagara Falls History Museum is the perfect place to enjoy days gone by. Notably, the museum is touted as being the oldest Canadian Museum (est. 1827). In 2012, the Museum was reopened after a significant renovation, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. The original stone Stamford City Hall stands in the centre of this modern building, marrying old and new. There is a section completely designated to the history of the War of 1812, including storied notes, artifacts and even soldier uniforms that provide a hands on experience. An architectural staircase leads you to the Community Gallery that houses more historical and whimsical displays. You can experience beautiful First Nations’ beadwork, Falls memorabilia from yesteryears and always a favourite of the kids (young and old alike), a simulated high wire walk across the Falls, a la Wallenda!

Sometimes FREE is the magic word

The History Museum is always reasonably priced. “At the Museum Thursday Night” provides amazing programs completely free of charge from 7-9pm on a weekly basis. Upcoming programs include Family Craft Night. You can try your hand at creating a family crest based on the Medieval Times. “Moccasin Talks” provides a thoughtful window to the past, by examining how peace and art have been joined together in sharing First Nations education. Raymond Skye, a Tuscarora artist, will share his talk on “The Great Law of Peace Through the Artist’s Lens”. Every week uncovers new topics to explore on your own, with a friend or family. Maybe uncovering the past provides the perfect distraction to live in the present.

There is even a special place to park your bike!